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So after the updates, is there a way to create 1 to 1 or group chats?

I think you can sort of do that using the new comments component. Then the rest is about figuring out how to set up a flow to store all the user IDs/emails that should have access to each chat.

With the new comments collection, you can achieve both a global chat and 1:1 chats.

Data Editor

In both cases, in the Data Editor, you’ll need one Comments table. All messages of all chats will appear in this Comments table.

  • For the global chat, 4 basic columns: Comment, Timestamp, User Name, User Photo
  • For 1:1 chats, 3 additional basic columns: ChatPerson1, ChatPerson2, ChatID. In the ChatPerson columns, write the email addresses of the people chatting. ChatID is a template column. My ChatIDs are not the best since I actually have two possible IDs per unique (X-Y and Y-X), there might be a better way to do this.

Display Editor

  • Global chat: new screen with the Comments table as source, add Comments component, point to data, filter the data to show only rows where ChatPerson1 or ChatPerson2 are empty (or ChatID is “-”).

CleanShot 2023-06-28 at 15.48.37@2x

  • 1:1 chat: Add the Comments component to the User Profile screen, adjust visibility (email isn’t signed-in user), filter data along the ChatID (ChatID includes user email and ChatID includes screen email).


Just know that unlike the old Comments component, each message sent will count against your Row Count quota.

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Good point, thanks for the reminder.

Since every additional comment counts as a row and every additional row counts against the row quota, one might need a high row quota. Comments/Chats are probably a good use case for Big Tables which are available on the business plan and above.

Hi, can someone explain why it doesn’t show up for me? Is it pro plans only? On the business trial at the moment.

Return to the Glide Dashboard, upper right hand corner you’ll see something called “Previews”. Make sure the Comments Collection toggle is activated.


Sorry i DOnt understand 1:1 Chat Setting,
can you explain with videos?
how to fill in Chat Person 2 in enter message

User A Chat:
Hi How Are You??

User B Chat :
Im Fine Thanks

So Chat User A Only Replay only by User B
USer C not Allwoing Rlay Chat

Have you tried setting it up exactly as I explained in a few posts above? If something isn’t clear or isn’t working, could you explain what?

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This Bro I Dont Understand for fill Column Chat B

Seems like it’s extra. Probably “Chat A” and “Chat B” were meant to store the email addresses of both char participants so you could apply row owners to keep the chat private. Somehow a third “email” column was created and is now being leveraged instead of Chat B.

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