Scroll on the Basic Table

Hi. I can’t scroll in the basic table. The preview on the builder shows a limited number of rows, and the app on a device shows even less rows.

Is this how it is or should I be able to scroll down?

Thank you

The information shown in the basic table component should all be there unless some fields are empty then they won’t show. Can you confirm this is the case?

Thanks for that, the fields are showing now (I added some info to them)

The preview scrolls as well but not on the laptop/phone yet - I’ll give it a bit of time and check in this evening again…

If you can, please give us a video of the scroll bug in action. Thank you.

Will do.
Any recommendation on what to use to record screen on my phone/laptop? is a good choice for recording your screen.

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I figured it out the problem when trying/testing different profiles as most worked but my main one didnt no matter what.
The profile that didn’t work had a duplicate profile higher up in the sheet and it was pulling the (lack of) info from this profile/row ahead/instead of the profile/row with info in.
Thanks for the help