Scriptum - Your daily journal

Hello Gliders, I’m back!

After MANY months without building anything public, yesterday I started and finished a small project and I’m really glad to share something with this community again.

Brazil is dealing with this pandemic and many people are anxious and scared, so I thought that I could create a small app to use it as a journal during this difficult time. As always, whenever I built something for me, I also think if it might benefit other people, so I decided to remodel my datasheet and made the app public.

Scriptum was made using Glide & GSheets - of course - NumberAPI ( and Lorem Picsum API ( Hope you like it and share your feedback with me!


Welcome back, Ionã! I really enjoyed your posts back then, please stay safe.

Lovely app, I like the use of the quote here, looks cool.



Thanks @ThinhDinh, that means a lot for me!

And thanks for sharing this screenshot, I really loved that you liked the layout but this screen should have been Filtered by User hahaha, I just fixed that.

Funny thing about the quotes, I tried to use real quote " but they looked like an inverted water drop, so I tested double commas and it was perfect for me =)


You’re the one who brought Cloudinary to this community right? I will forever be grateful for that, using it in so many apps.


I think so, I have created a photo editing “app” for Slide OS - An “OS” for mini no-code apps. I’m very happy that you are using this resource, Cloudinary is amazing for many image manipulations, it can give superpowers to Glide haha.

After that, @Robert_Petitto made an amazing tutorial about Cloudinary: Image Filters and Overlays in Glide!

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Just added a new feature, Community tab. Every time you create a new note, you can choose to share it publicly in the Community tab.


Love this. Super clean and useful!


Super project, amazing layout.
You’re great.
Nice to see your work again.
Stay safe and have a great day

Gio :smiley::wave:t2:

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Hey @Robert_Petitto, I’m glad you liked it! Let me know if you have any feedback

Hey @GioRinaldi, it was wonderful to read this message, thank you so much! This community is great and I’m very glad to contribute =)!

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I have finished some layout changes, now I’m using cards to display notes instead of tiles. I’m also thinking about a profile session to add name and avatar to each user, so other people can see the author name (or username) on the community notes.

Glad to see that some people are already testing it and also sharing some notes publicly, thanks!


Hello Gliders! Some of you have experienced some issues with the app this morning. Our api integration had some bugs and we aren’t able to show the daily quote earlier.

The good news are: everything sen to work fine now. Let me know if any of you are still having some problems.