Saving text entered in a form or a Notes component

Hello everyone.

Here’s a conundrum. I want to take meeting minutes in my app. I have a Date/Time component and a Notes component. The Google Sheet Cell limit is 50,000 characters. So, I want save the meeting minutes into a file, hopefully by means of the app, or if push comes to shove, a formula in my spreadsheet.

I would then need to refer to the file in the app for later review.

Is this crazy? If it is, then I’ll have to limit the minutes to short form to stay under the 50,000 character maximum.

It requires a Pro account, but there is a File Picker component to upload files. You would need a separate note app that would save TXT files and then use the file picker to upload the file. I think you could also use Google Forms to upload files, but I’m not completely sure. You could also use Google Docs to create the document. You would need to make each document shareable, but then you would have a link that you could place in column in your sheet. Then you could open the link to view the document. I don’t think you can create a file from the app.

…or maybe have shorter meetings. :wink:

Thanks @Jeff_Hager. I knew it sounded like a stretch. A Pro account is not needed for now. I’ll probably use the other methods you’ve suggested,…even trying to make my meetings shorter. :+1:

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Hi @Jeff_Hager how do you do this in Pro? My app is customer facing and the free text form is used by them to submit orders…however I’ve had feedback that they’d like to start their order and then browse the rest of the app before further adding to their order…any suggestions?

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