Saving information for people who don't yet have an email nor a user

So what i would like to do is when someone signs up that is a receiver of videos from a current user the system will recognize their name, date of birth and who they are to receive knowledge from and all that information be dropped to them.

How do you get this information? Should the current user “add” that receiver beforehand?

Yes so the current user puts in the name and date of birth of the recipient and a guardian email and number. But when that recipient finally no longer needs a guardian and they make their own profile they would submit like a drivers license to prove its them.

I would suggest a flow that allows the guardian to change the email of that receiver once they’re eligible before that receiver logs in with their own email. If you don’t construct it that way, the login attempt will create a new row and throw off the whole process.

Can i not make it where its like when property shows name and date of birth it unlocks it and also when they submit drivers license for proof its unlocked?

I’m not sure I get your full flow, I’m understanding it as a case of a guardian pre-add a child, then when the child is able to control his own profile then the guardian adds the email of that child and he/she logs in using that email.

Yes and no it is a posthumous message delivery system being able to leave your children wisdom and guidance not just finances and possessions. So if both parents die at the same time I still want the recipients to be able to receive the things left

That is a good initiative! I don’t have a good idea to do so without the child having the email in place, as each of my thoughts would leave a security hole in your app. Anyway, my thoughts were:

  • Having a secret code that the child must type in to unlock the messages
  • Having a series of security questions that the child must answer 100% correctly to unlock the messages
  • Having a manual process of uploading a license or birth certificate to prove the user is related to the deceased father/mother

Thats what i was thinking is when the key holders submit the obituary or death certificate to unlock the profile then the child or recipients have to produce photo ID and we will check that against the names in the recipient list then approve those videos and messages to be given to them. is the website maybe you can look then help some more after reading about it.

Then I think you can go with the 3rd option in my last post, the user can submit a request to view their father/mother’s messages, by submitting related documents to prove to your team that they’re indeed the child that can view those, and the emails of their mother & father.

On the requests table, you can have a template column that combines the father & mother’s email and a “Verify” button on the front end. When your team presses the button, the template column above is written to a column in the requester’s row in the Profiles sheet, let’s call that “Access Emails”.

Have a tab called “Family members” or something like that, show profiles with email contained in the ‘Access Emails" column. That way, only when the request is approved can the child view their parents’ profiles and related messages.

I’ll try to figure that out. Thank you

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