Save the layout

Hi the team
Is it possible to save the all layout of my apps because a few days ago I made a bad click and it takes me half an hour to get back before my mistake

Thank you

Not possible at this time :frowning:

A locking button would be enough

Regular Backups!

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Le ven. 3 janv. 2020 à 02:18, George B via Glide Community a écrit :


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Regular Backups!

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What do you mean ?

How do you do that ?

I was going to reply directly here with a short explanation but as I got deeper into my explanation I thought it best to create a separate topic about how I do backups.

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Thank you so much for all these explanations.
I have a last question. When app is duplicated as you do, can we keep the same qrcode ?
It’s very important for me because I have no way to send new qrcode to the old or futur users if it changes.
Thank you for your answer.

That is a good question. It appears based on a quick test that Glide is using the app link URL to create the code ( So as long as you do the app link name swap, from production to the backup (which would now be the production) it should match fine. Here is a short clip of why I think this is the case:

in your vidéo it seems to be ok but i didn’t succeed to do the same thing
When I duplicate my app with the same sheet, glide gives a new name to the copy of my app ,with an another code and I can’t change the name because glide says to me that the name already exists

sorry but maybe i need to see what you do before the begining of your vidéo to understand


Le ven. 3 janv. 2020 à 17:05, George B via Glide Community a écrit :

Yes i manage to !

Thank you for your advices.


Le ven. 3 janv. 2020 à 17:43, JMS a écrit :

It looks like you may have figured it out but you need to “free” up the name by changing your original app first.