Sample Online Ordering App

I made this app to help the retail shops in Myanmar. This app has a personal profile, ordering system, shopping cart that the users can check it later.
In the shopping cart, the users can edit the qty until the store admin approved the order (via google sheets).
Hope to love the app idea and please suggest to me if there is anything that I need to improve.
Currently, I helped two stores with similar app templates to help their business due to Covid-19. My final goal is to transform the physical stores in Myanmar to Bricks and Clicks Stores for better innovation.
FYI, the images are got from Google Images, just for testing purposes and showcase.

Hi, it looks good. You may add Date and Time of Order for records.
You can also give some unique value “Order ID” to each Order for reference purposes.

I would also suggest, you can have an Admin Tab (Only Store Admin will have access) from which He can approve the Order instead of Google Sheet.

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Thank you for your suggestion :smile:

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Hi there
could you please elaborate on how to make the admin tab you mentioned?

In your User profile sheet, I would recommend a column called Role - and have all blank apart from those with ‘Admin’
Then make a Tab - and set the visibility to Role (from the user value) = Admin



You can also add the choice for pick up or delivery