Salesperson performance app (Unsure how to achieve this on Glide)

Thanks for reading this.

I’m working on an app to measure sales performance.

My objectives for the app are:

  1. Have the sales team input their new sales data (done :slight_smile: )
  2. Have a Sales Goal Donut Chart displaying how far close to their goal they currently are (this is where I’m stuck)

First, I find it hard to add the total sales of a single salesperson (cumulative sales of a single user).

Second, I’m not having any success in displaying a Donut Chart that tracks a goal, like in this video:

Thanks in advance and ping me if you have any questions about the app logic I tried to explain :sweat_smile: .

Here’s a really rough example. It’s in staging, so beware. This is my first time use the graphs. I’m not sure how you would populate the data. You may have to manually enter the teams and maybe set up queries for each cell. Hopefully this will give you an idea how how to lay it out.