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I have a CRM style app and would like to have a report page which tracks the monthly sales progress using the progress component. We have 4 products with a budget for each. At present I have a Target button to go to a page to show progress.

As it’s a yearly target but progress tracked monthly I’d like to ::

• Show the Target total for each product
• Each month edit a field for each product with the sales total and it’s updated to show progress.
• Calculate the total of the 4 products to show total progress

Has anybody here created something like this they could share?


Yes, lots :slight_smile:
I don’t have anything I can share (privacy), but I can provide some general guidance.

My usual approach to something like this is to create a 12 row helper table, with one row for each month of the year. Then build relations and rollups from that table to the table that contains the transactional data. Then use that table to drive reports, charts, etc.

I’m curious about the following:

Do you track sales data inside the app, or does the data come from an external source?
If it’s being tracked in the app, then manually entering this data shouldn’t be necessary as it should be possible to automatically calculate it.

Can you add a couple of screenshots from the Glide Data Editor that show how your data is laid out?
If I can visualise that, I can probably give some more specific advice.


I figured it out. I created a few sheets :
• One sheet for each product
• One summary sheet.
• Summary sheet has roll up columns to calculate the totals for each products value column, a goal column and a compute column to calculate % achievement which then triggers statements such as ‘great your on your way!’
The above then allows me to use the progress chart successfully.

Screen Shot 2022-09-18 at 9.17.04 pm

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Well done :+1:

A separate table per product sounds a bit cumbersome and high maintenance (what happens when new products are added?), but as long as you have the result you need that’s great.

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