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I am building an app based on Glide tables so can’t use any kind of Google formula that can’t be done in glide tables.

I am working on a volunteer app where a user “commits” to a set number of voluntary work hours per month which I have set up as a number in my user table.

As the user logs tasks, they will log the number of hours it took them to the nearest 30 minutes, however I’d like to show a dash board where the user can see progress bar of how many hours they have done against their monthly target. But I need to find a way of logging tasks against a month so when on the 1st it resets the hours done and the hours required to target.

I hope that makes more sense to you then it does to me :rofl:

Hey @Tombaker

You’ll have to use some math columns to sum the hours, take the month’s number and so on…

Take a look in this topic, and see what you can take from it


@Lucas_Pires thanks I’ll have a look!

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One way to do it is to generate a “month code” that uses a math column to combine the year and month values of the log timestamp. Something like year(timestamp)*100+month(timestamp). This will give you a unique value that you can use for relations and rollups.


Thanks @Robert_Petitto, I’ll give that a try!

Love the youtube videos by the way! :grinning:

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Similar to Bob’s suggestion, you might find this useful…

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Thanks for this really helpful! I’ve found a way to make it work (I think)

I have a math column called “current month” with month(now) and a “current year” with year(now) and then I use a template to combine the 2 values. I do this both on the task sheet and the dashboard sheet then use a relation to look up tasks for this month.

I am using row owners on both sheets so am I correct in thinking it shouldn’t pick up any tasks not for the current user, or should I combine the user email into the templated “month code”?

yep, that should work.

yes, with Row Owners enabled it should sort itself out and each user will only see tasks for those rows that they “own”

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