Sales Reporting

We are building Sales app and need suggestions for following

  1. I have 12 Sales Executive working under me, I have made Monthly Sales report in terms of revenue they achieved.

  2. What I did is created a Deal Value field & sales closing month field for leads where executive can enter deal value like $250 etc and then select deal closing month. The problem I am facing is as follow

For example: Executive John has closed a client ( Bob) at $1000 but bob say I will make this payment in 4 parts $250 each month .

Now when john open bob details details he has just one field to update deal value where he will enter 2nd payment deal value and month?

Do I need to create multiple fields for every payment, I tried that but that is so lengthy.

I need easy solution.

Is the 4-part thing just a one off or do you face this situation usually?

This is very common and also there number 4 may increase to more than 10 because of repeat orders

Maybe you could create a new sheet for payments and have a relation from deal to payments. Add a form button in the details for the deal and have the user submit a form for each payment. Include important information with the payments and use the payments for your monthly sales report, or use rollups in the deal sheet to sum all the payments for each deal.

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