Sad (but now HAPPY) story. Lost 8 projects over GDPR issues - new feature added

Yep, those are supposed to be links (e.g. button components without the frame in Glide).

I know the design is poor, it was just to give Mark an example - I’m sure they can do better :slight_smile:


I see that if you use iubenda you can host some document, like the privacy poilcy, directly with iubenda.

I have only scanned it quickly and needs some further investigation but may prevent the need to host the privacy policy on a website. The links from glide can then go directly to iubenda where the user can view the document.

They would need to check a box to say they agree to the policy’s??

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@Mark please any solution you adopt,.make it multilingual. Now the pin email is just in English no matter the language of the app…

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Yes, it’s a mush have, users must be CLEARLY informed before providing their Consentement, so the language used must be their’s.


@Christophe_HK How do you expect that to work? Do you have a page with terms and conditions in many languages? Or are you just saying that the app creator should determine the language?

@Mark I am just saying that there shouldn’t be any text in a “hard coded language”, so no text imposed by Glide, and it’s up to the app maker to determine in which language(s) this text must/should be written, depending on the app audience. For T&C and policies, my opinion is indeed that these docs should be made available via Url(s), the easiest way to keep these docs up to date all along the app life cycle (and it’s the easiest way to translate these docs in many language, if needed).


@Mark & @Christophe_HK: We’re in the UK and our terms and privacy are only in English.

From my point of view I have no objection to Glide handling the localised language translation (for want of a better term) of the checkbox preamble text - this would be a massive plus, in fact.

But of course the links would take them to our English documents (as Google Translate or similar will come to their rescue if they really need to read every single line!).

For app makers to provide their own preamble text to the checkbox they would have a custom field for that.

So then you would have the best of both worlds, either…

  • Glide provides a standard preamble that will be automatically translated using localisation, just like other parts of the app.


  • App maker writes their own preamble text.

Makes sense! The simpler, the better, the faster :smile:

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@Rasha: I’m just putting the well-paid ‘legal team’ at Snackpass to the test - will report back with my findings.


I endorse. Google crawler might just point them to the interesting origins of your endeavor and my personal assessment of their income? Hmm.

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each title must be a clickable link

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Tell me about it.

@Rasha: good point but there’s no link to their site in this post/thread. They must be really busy as they haven’t replied yet. I did get a reply from another site which opened up a can of worms with regards to GDPR and the UK.

As you know, the UK stupidly left the EU in January of this year and as such is in a transition period until January 2021.

The UK government, to my utter surprise - as it is not renowned for making sensible decisions - will retain the GDPR and extend it to areas not previously covered, i.e. law enforcement etc.

I fully endorse the EU and GDPR as its primary objective is to protect citizens’ rights.

That said, it is a pain in the rear to implement and navigate but I’m of the opinion if we seek to have the right intentions with our apps we may be forgiven for any technical faults along the way.


I’m informing on you :joy::rofl:


Looks great Mark. This is going to be very favourable to many I’m sure. Just given it a go, easy to use. Does it save anywhere to the underlying sheet showing that the check box has been ticked? Appreciate that the app cannot be accessed until the check box has been ‘checked’ but there maybe a need to do that going forward?



Now I need to get my privacy and cookies etc sorted This link gives a discount code if you want to use iubenda


This was such an epic read. I’ve been away from the forums for almost a month, and missed this. But I’m very concerned about GDPR compliance issues, so I read it all. It was like bingeing a full season of TV. And then the climax comes (posted only 7 hours ago) with @Mark revealing the addition of privacy checkbox and links. So awesome. But what’s the season cliffhanger?


What a feature release! Thank you :pray:t2: