Sad (but now HAPPY) story. Lost 8 projects over GDPR issues - new feature added

@Christophe_HK yes. Would be most interesting to get an update

SCC - I wasn’t really aware of what that was


Wasn’t too, but I followed a long thread on Privacy shield on Bubble community, and Bubble provided transparency and regular updates on the situation and their actions. That’s the way I learnt a mitigation action was SCC, what they have completed today, so Bubble is GDPR compliant in terms of international data transfer. They’re the only ones in the No-code ecosystem, at the moment.


OK. So Glide is neither for UE makers, nor for UE users. That’s it.

Anyway, Glide was the first No-code framework I discovered and played with for about one year. At that time, some stuff could be achieved only using css tricks, but I see things are better now. There’s an interesting effort to get better UI’s and better user experience, it’s great. Come on!

Make Glide an international and compliant products and you will reach your gool of billions Glide apps in the 2 or 3 coming years.

Waiting for this expectation to be true, see maybe later on Glide and I’ll be happy to discuss with all of you in the various No-code communities.

Enjoy building apps with no code, and make your dreams come true! :crossed_fingers:t2::call_me_hand:t2::muscle:t2:


I agree - it came across strongly that way as well.

I was very displeased with his dismissive response on it & shutting the thread down entirely.

I’m going to look into these apps that several users have mentioned in this thread & others
So far these have been mentioned in the very long thread in Glide: “Bubble”, “AppSheet”, “Adalo”, & “AppGyver”. Any others that should be considered?

Hope Glide continues to provide updates so that more people feel comfortable with developing onto it


Glide has taken matters much much further than EU laws on privacy by going for anonymity over privacy of emails.


Ok that’s great!

Does that mean Glide is GDPR compliant 100% now or are public apps still non-GDPR compliant based on the earlier points. I don’t know how being anonymous has solved

Have these issues from 5/6 months ago been resolved? If so, great!


Pls read glide terms and conditions.

There is information in the Terms and Conditions regarding this.

In particular, Section 4, which touches on GDPR:

As well as the EU Data Processing Addendum (DPA):

And the Privacy Policy, which touches on European Union Data Subject Rights:


Thank you!


Hi @maschera , thanks for your time and effort in helping spark the GDPR conversation with Glide community. Question regarding your comment above. By any chance do you have an opinion on whether Glide tables works with GDPR vs Gsuite? Thanks

Any CSS guru that has been able to add text to the sign-in screen?(@ThinhDinh , @Lucas_Pires , @Robert_Petitto …)once again, due to GDPR! Can’t wait to leave Europe!!! :slight_smile:

The sign-in screen is not configurable as far as I aware, CSS-wise. You can only change the greeting, description and add user agreement text.

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I thought so…thanks anyway Thinh

I did it in a round about way using Cloudinary.

  • Started with a base image in Cloudinary
  • Used a text overlay to add the text I wanted
  • Took a screen grab of the resultant image
  • Uploaded that as the Sign-In screen background image

I’ll give it a go. Thanks Darren

You want to leave the EU due to GDPR??? :joy:

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Joking of course, but I actually am leaving, moving to Atlanta very soon!!! :slight_smile:


@garrison Can you share if you have found alternatives that are fully GDPR compliant?
To me the alternative MUST offer EU only servers (GCP offers this feature) and better documentation than Glide.

I would HATE to leave Glide, as I love it, and have spent a lot of time developing my app here…

Sorry, didn’t find any suitable alternatives but we are planning to move our project from Glide to WordPress instead.