Run user added row of data and run against formula

Hi, I am trying to do something I consider pretty basic but can’t seem to get to work.
I am having a user add a row of data; name, amount, date
On that same row of data, I would like a formula to run against the amount that was entered.
I have attempted:
Just putting in an ifblank statement with the formula into a cell
Creating a table
Using the arrayformula

All of these attempts have produced the same problem, which is, it considers the rows as used and will not add data to them, instead it will skip past any rows with any special stuff going on and add to the bottom of the spreadsheet. If I delete the formulas, tables, etc, it puts the data at the top again - but doesn’t run against the formula… So I am not sure how to manipulate the user entered data without manually going in and adding it via the spreadsheet.


Use arrayformulas instead and delete all empty rows.

Also consider doing the math within glide instead of the google sheet if you need the results to only show in the app.