RSVP app

Anyone here have an RSVP portion of your app?

I have a softball team and want my players to go onto the app and ‘respond’ to me if they can be at the weekend tournament. I would ‘create’ the event and they would click yes or no. Or a checkbox … (signed in by user)

Also, I would like some type of REPORT (list of those going or not going) - maybe in a separate app.

Where do I start?

@Jeff_Hager I saw your post about your concept app. Does this seem like something that could be handled by the “completed tasks”?? part of your app?

Yeah, I think the basic concept would be the same with submitting a form. I would submit the form responses to a new form. Then you can create a relation from your events sheet to the form response sheet using the date. Then you could add an inline list to your event details page that would show all of the responses. Much like the Notes example in my app. If you don’t want others to see the responses, then you could just look at the sheet or create another app.

I’m having trouble figuring out how to gather and compile the responses. For example, I have a form that can be completed but don’t know how to figure out where to find the responses or how to make it so the responses appear somewhere

How is your form set up? Normally you would use a form button and link it to the sheet where you want the responses to show up.