Row Owner from Joined List column

It would be much better if we can create Row Owner from Joined List, that way is easier to add multiple Admins without manually creating new columns, especially when you are not the one who is controlling the App editor. We can simply use the IF-ELSE column to find if the user is an Admin and then just join emails.

That would defeat to whole purpose of row owners, which is to prevent unowned rows from being downloaded to a user device in the first place. For a joined list to work as you propose, all data would have to be downloaded to a user device for any computed columns to perform their computations (which all happen on the user’s device). At that point, security of data has been breached, so applying row owners to a joined list after the data has been downloaded would be pointless and unsecure.

it could be done in google sheets, my point is to have multiple emails in the cell… or I can just use transpose and filter… that should do it… no I still need to make row owner manually… so back to make row owners from multiple emails in the cell

Google sheet data is static (basic) data in Glide’s eyes. It’s not a computed value that’s computed on a user device.

I did some workaround and it works!

but still, it would be better to get emails from a joined list

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