Row Limitations - How to filter data so it doesn't exceed 500 rows?

Hi all,

I found Glide just after the 500 row limit was implemented, and am having trouble getting my personal budget sheet/app down to size. I don’t want to pay $20/month for our simple little app that my husband and I use, so I’m trying to figure out how I can get the data within the limit.

I use the company Tiller to auto-populate a Google Sheet with transaction data from my banks, and so my transactions tab has data going back the past 12 months or so (which is of course more than 500 rows). If I could filter the tab to only show the past month or two of data, that would work fine for my purposes and allow me to stay within the row limit. I’ve tried just filtering it by the month column, but it still shows in Glide as exceeding the row limitation (likely because the tab itself has more than 500 rows, even if I’m filtering for only 300 of them.

Does anyone know a way I can format my data to be able to stay within the row limit? When it exceeds the limit, it essentially causes the app to stop working, which of course defeats the purpose of using Glide.

Thank you for any suggestions!

You should extract the data from your bank in another Google sheet. And then, using Google scripting, you could import data from the last 2 or 3 months in the sheet supporting your personal app (and remove data that are more than 2 or 3 months). This way, the 500 rows limit should not be exceeded.

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Use the FILTER formula to filter your Tiller rows to just the most recent, then connect glide to that sheet.


Could keep your bank data in a separate sheet and use QUERY() in the sheet attached to the app to fetch only the data you want. The value for the QUERY() filter could also be dynamic so you could have a sheet with the filter value maintainable from the app

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The FILTER and QUERY ideas are both great, and I’ve figured it out to get another tab that only pulls the most recent transactions, which is great! The only problem is that on my original Transactions tab that gets automatically updated by Tiller, I have a column for expense categories that I use to track each transaction, and I’m not able to edit it from my new Recent Transactions tab. This means that I can pull the transactions so they’re visible in my Glide app, but I can’t categorize them, which is one of my main goals with having this personal budgeting app. Think there’s any way that’ll be possible?

You could maybe add a form button to set the category. Open your transaction in the app, click on the form button, select your category, and include necessary column values from the transaction. Set the form to write to a new google sheet that will be a hidden tab in the app. On your sheet that’s filled from tiller, add a column that performs a vlookup to the form response sheet. That should allow you to return the category you selected as long as you have a transaction id or something to match from the tiller records to the form response records. Then all of it can be passed to the sheet that uses the filter or query and displays in the app.


Hi @nikelle.dawn


I too use Tiller - which I love :slight_smile:.

I had been using my Tiller Google Sheet on my mobile, but that’s a painful experience. So, I was v excited when I found Glide and saw it’s potential for turning Tiller into an app.

Glide row limits

Alas, I’m in the same boat as you:

  • I’ve filtered my Transactions list in Glide to only display rows where Category is blank. That means I’m typically viewing/interacting with fewer than ~20 rows in the app at any one time.
  • However, I still get the Storage for this app is full… message (presumably because my actual Transactions Google Sheet has over 1,000 rows).

It would be ideal if Glide could:

  1. Provide a way for me to limit the data that I import into the app (e.g. if I were able to add a filter at the data source level or something), or
  2. Change their definition of what data counts towards the 500 row limit by excluding rows that are not accessible via the app UI (in which case our current tab filters should suffice).


You may want to check out AppSheet as an alternative to Glide. Although they don’t seem to promote it on their main website, they do say:

All basic app functionality is available for free for prototypes and purely personal use.

I find Glide is easier to use, and it has a nicer UI. But AppSheet certainly has all necessary functionality to handle transaction review and categorization.

I’ve been looking into AppSheet, and hadn’t yet gotten around to creating one. But it looks like someone in the Tiller community just created an AppSheet app compatible with Tiller and it got the March template of the month, so I’m going to go try that out!

It’s sad because I also like Glide better and already had an app designed out how I’d like it, but I just wish there was an option somewhere between the free 500 row limit and the expensive commercial app plan.

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Hope glideapps increase row limit to 1000 for free personal use accounts. Until then, I’ll stop using it and wait for alternatives.

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