Row IDs Tied to Text Instead of Spreadsheet Position

Is it possible to tie the Row ID to a specific string instead of the row position? I have converted an inline list into a choice component. However, if the order of items in my spreadsheet changes then the wrong strings are selected for users (because they were in the same position). Thanks for any help!

RowIDs are specific strings. They are not necessarily tied to a row number or position. What are you changing in the sheet that would cause the data and RowID column to become misaligned? If you are re-sorting it or moving it around, you should be moving the RowID column along with it. Also why would you re-sort in the sheet vs setting the sorting in glide?

Hi Jeff, thanks for clearing that up for me. I was sorting by one column instead of including the column containing the RowID as well. I can’t set the sorting in glide because this is a list relation and apparently there is no option to sort that alphabetically, only an In-App Sort by the user. If I could sort this list I wouldn’t have to do any sorting in Google Sheets

You can sort a List Relation. You have to do in on the component Feature settings instead of on the list after you click on the list relation to open it. Sorting in the sheet should work, but I feel like it could get you into trouble if you do it often. The image below shows that what you want is possible.