Sort an array by the original column order

I’ve created an array column to contain a series of other columns. meaning, I have columns for song 1, song 2, song 3, etc., and a Glide column that brings them all together in one column (“song 1 song 2 song 3…”).

I’d like to display an inline list of all the songs in the order of the original columns, so that the list would appear in the same order as the columns. i.e.:

  • song 1
  • song 2
  • song 3
  • etc.

Hope I’m asking this correctly. I’m new to Glide but loving it so far! Thanks for any help you can offer.


What happens when you point a text component to an array column? Can you do so?

Tried, but it doesn’t give the array column as an option. I’ve got it working with an inline list, but the SORT is the only thing I can’t figure out.

How are you setting that inline list? Filter by rowID of current row or a sort of self-relation?

I’m assuming you are using the array column for a relation to a song sheet? Can you put numbering in the song sheet to use for sorting your list, or can it vary based on how the array columns are ordered? You could maybe create separate relations from your song sheet to each array column in whichever sheet contains the array columns. Then create an if then column that would assign a song number based on which relation is not empty.

I don’t think a relation is going to respect the array column order. List sorting is based on the data in the sheet that builds the list.