ROW-ID's – How to make them URL Friendly?

I have somewhat of a complex situation. I’m needing to pass a ROW-ID via a webhook in order to identify the row and update it via Glide’s API.

However, I don’t believe that glide Row-ID’s are URL friendly. Any thoughts on how to go about this?

Why do you need it to be URL-friendly though?

Here’s the scenario:

• User clicks on link, grants auth for third party app
• Token is received back via url param webhook receives the url param via the redirect uri being the webhook
• The webhook scenario complete’s auth, and needs to update the row with a refresh token

…I need to then identify the row via ROW-ID.

The only way to do that is by having the row-id, which is passed to me in the webhook URL param


If I understand you right, the URL already contains the rowID and you can parse it in Make?

I can, however, when rowID’s aren’t url friendly containing a . or a / I run into an issue with the webhook.

@ThinhDinh Is there another way to pass the row-id or to identify the row that I’m missing or not understanding?

Can you tell me what function are you using to extract the rowID from your URL, and a sample URL?

If you look at the way glide handles it… anytime you view a detail screen in your app, the glide url contains the RowID for that row. It looks like glide url encodes the RowID. All you need to do is url encode the RowID and the decode it when you need it in its original form.

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