"Roollup" is counting deleted rows

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Describe the bug:

  • “Roollup” is counting the row which are deleted

Expected behavior:

  • The row was deleted, but rollup still counting it

How to replicate:

  • Add row with any numeric column and rollup sum or maximum
    Then delete row
    And rollup will be still summing deleted value

Link to demo recording:

Many questions.

If you deleted a row that had a 3, why wasn’t the roll-up showing a 4 before and after deleting the row?

Is your rollup looking at the correct column in the correct table? The column you are rolling up doesn’t look to me like it’s the same one your screenshot is referring to. It seem like it is rolling up a column from a different table altogether.

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Yes, yes, 100 yes it is my mistake. Sorry. Thanks for advice!!!

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