Rollup column crashes my App

Every time I try to create a new Rollup column by calculating the “SUM” the system crashes, the new column is not created and I need to restart Glide …
The column has 2970 rows.
Could it be something with memory?
How can I solve this?

Could you please share your app and tell me exactly how to reproduce this?

Hi Mark, sure, here is the app:
I will try to explaim better:

  • Column 3 - Math. An average between Col1 and Col2
  • Column 4 - (my objective) Rollup by calculating the SUM of Col3

When I try to create this Column 4 (everytime) my app crashes and I have to restart the Glide…

I can’t reproduce this. Could you please make a video?

Hi @Mark , here’s the video with the browser crashed screen…

I can reproduce that. We’ll fix it, thanks for reporting!