Rollup field in percent is rounding up to 100

Hello Gliders,
I am building an app where users can vote on crops. The vote is calculated based on how many times a user has bought a box. Votes submitted by frequent purchasers get a higher weight than others.

I have a rollup column which sums up all the weighted votes for a particular crop. The number is displayed in %. However when I include that number on the screen it just rounds everything up to 0 or 100%. I have a feeling it is something really silly that I am overlooking and am almost embarrassed to ask. But I’ve spent enough time trying to figure out what is wrong and am going to take the hit of feeling stupid after one of your brilliant minds points to something really basic that I am doing wrong. Sorry for bugging and thanks for looking into this for me.

Attached are some screenshots. The first shows the screen where percentages are either 0 or 100. The second screenshot is the data table which shows the percentage data based on the weighted calculations.

The layout screen should show Berries at 7.41%, Lime/Lemon at 48.15%…you get the point.

Thanks again!

I’m guessing you have row owners applied to your Votes table.

Is row owners the same as row id? Yes, there is a row id corresponding to the crop id that the user is voting for. See attached screenshot of the Votes table.

No, it’s not the same.

I don’t see row owners applied to your Votes table, but I can’t see the entire table in your screenshot, so it’s hard to say if any columns to the right would have row owners.

I assume your Crop2Vote_Rollup uses the Crop2Vote_rel relation? How is the relation configured?

Does the user table play a factor into calculating votes? If so, do you have row owners applied to the user table?

Thanks for the link to the row owners article. I do not have row owners enabled anywhere. The Crop2Vote_Rel is a relation on Row id between the Crop and Vote tables. See attached.
I am not able to understand how row owner would apply here and how it would affect a rollup column not displaying the correct percetnage in the screen layout.

Well, I had assumed you were using row owners somewhere in your app. When you use row owners, all owned and unowned data is available in the data viewer, so relations to tables don’t always accurately represent what the front end will really show when row owners are factored in. When row owners are applied, then only rows owned by a user are accessible. Unowned rows are not sent to a user’s device.

Since you say that you don’t have row owners in any of your tables, I’m not sure what would cause the percent to not show accurately on the front end. It’s usually an indication that row owners are in play somewhere. What it looks like to me is that it’s only pulling the results for one user. That’s why I asked if your user table plays a part in calculating those votes. Possibly for the weighted average. If user rows are under row ownership, then it’s possible that it’s throwing of your calculations.