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Hi. I am a total amateur, but I want to create a rollup column in which all numbers from a different table (Glide tables) are included, but not those where the original number is 0.
Specifically: One table features all wines in a cellar, including how many bottles are on stock (2 bottles of wine A, 5 of wine b, 3 of wine c, 0 of wine d). In the rollup column, I want to get the number of different wines in the cellar (not the number of bottles), so the “correct” number I am looking for is in the example would be 3 (since only 3 are in stock), not 4 (because one is listed with zero bottles), and not 10 (which would be the number of bottles in stock). Any help / idea would be much appreciated! Thanks!

I would make a query column on the table where you want to pull the data and set its source to be the target table

Then you can add filters to that query such that the specified column must be greater than 0 etc etc

Then you can perform a roll up on that query column … hope that helps!

Thanks, Eitan. But when I create a query column, I do not get numbers in there but names / pictures. And when I then create a rollup column, it does not let me choose the query column as source… So I am afraid it is not working.

You can use the If-Else column in the source table to convert the number 0 to empty. This way your rollup will not be added up.

What a query or relation shows is irrelevant. They both create links to ROWS. If you see anything in those types of columns, it’s just telling you that it found matching row. From there a Rollup columns and a handful of other columns can look into those related rows and pull out specific column values.

Are you creating the Rollup in the same table where you created the query? Look closely, the Query column should be listed above or below your list of tables. Don’t try to find the query by going to the table first.

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Yippie! thanks for pointing me in the right direction, got it now!

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