Roles Issue for a small internal used App

Dear Community and Support,

Lately we have this issue that whenever we update the Role from Admin to Master Admin, via the Editor’s Layout OR directly into Glidetable, the role will revert back to Admin for 2 of the accounts.


  1. Choose Account:

  2. Edit

  3. Select Role and Done

  4. Role is updated (for now)

Our usage for this apps so far

Looking forward to advises. Thanks!

Some more info that may be of help

We are on subscription from day 1, as we believe that Glideapp is a really great platform to work with

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This is correct and expected behaviour. From the Docs:

To change a role using an action, you would need to send a webhook to something external such as Make/Zapier, and then use the Glide API to effect the change.

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Hi Darren, thanks for your prompt reply!

I have also tried updating column directly via the Data Editor, but it still goes back to the initial value i.e. Admin.

I have just updated the Role Tab’s Visibility to User Name = Edutalent, and then update the role (access type) directly into the Data Editor. Will monitor if this works.

About this Glide API, we have issues that the data called by our server via the Glide API is not instantaneous, despite having a Business subscription plan. We may need to to delay 15 secs on average before calling the dataset via Glideapp API to get the updated dataset.

Not sure if you have come across this issue? We didn’t raise this issue since we have found a work around by using delaying the process. But this may not be a perfect solution in the long haul.

I see you have talked about this in a few different threads. Can you go into further details on the flow, i.e what you send from Glide, what do you do in Pabbly and what is your expected outcome?

Hi @ThinhDinh Thanks for your reply. It has been some time ago and that time we didn’t use Pabbly as the medium but called the Glide API to get details direct.

Regardless, we use Glide Webhook to call our server API:

  1. From our understanding (on the api) we are not able to retrieve just one row of data, but the whole dataset. We will then need to use code to search for the subset of data required.

  2. When searching for this sub-dataset, the result is NULL, unless we input a delay factor of say 2 mins before calling the dataset AFTER the Glide Webhook call our server API.

Hope this is clearer?


  1. Use Glide native form to create new row via Glide, (and in GS) as well.
  2. Form creation activate webhook that push the RowID (keyword) to Pabbly that will create a pdf, delay for 2 mins, and then use Google Sheet to search for for RowID to get row number in destination sheet.
  3. Pabbly reply cannot find RowID in google sheet thus workflow breaks.

Another Scenario of the App that runs on Pro Subscription

  1. Create a new row via Native Form

  2. Using Roll up Column + Template Column to assign next Candidate No for this new row. Please note there is now 2800 rows of data we have keyed in. We have since move the Set column action to the 3rd placing thinking that the algo may need some time to effect :rofl:

  1. Intermittently, there will be missing Can ID which we are not awared of… until one of our integrated automated workflow breaks then we found the Google Sheet does not have the value.

Hope the above clarifies.

@Darren_Murphy Just an update that this works and the Role finally stays! Thanks for the headsup.

Yes, that’s correct. I really want the ability to search based on a value but sounds like it won’t come any time soon.

I assume this relates to the part where you use the Glide native form to create a new row, and the rowID isn’t updated fast enough. I would say anything more than 20-30 seconds is too long, but how many rows do you have?

Also, why don’t you send the rowID over to the webhook and update it using Glide API?

The flow would look like this:

1/Glide native form creates new row, on-submit actions send info to the Pabbly webhook, including the rowID (which should be instantly available regardless of whether it is shown in your Google Sheets)

2/You create the PDF in Pabbly

3/You use the Glide API to update the PDF URL back to your Glide database, using the rowID you sent over.

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Hi hi Less than 1000 rows in that particular sheet

Yes we have sent the RowID via Wehbook as the keyword, so that Google Sheet can search against this RowID for the row. But we have experience that the RowID wasn’t updated to GS even after Delay of 2 mins, and thus the search in GS is NULL.

Yes, that’s why I suggested you do it through the on-submit way and use the Glide API instead of relying on your Google Sheets.

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Got it…!

Can we remove !(file:///C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\QQTempSys\1)O2N_6Q5IRJUCEG0[DY6A5.png) Row ID to refer to the RowID? Pabbly API may not support this. Not sure about Zapier.

It’s safe to edit the column name and remove the emoji, although you would then need to check through Show API Usage if that changes what the API expects.


Thanks! This will alot…