Unable to set user roles for different users via the app

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Hey guys, I am unable to set another user’s ‘ROLE’ via my GlideApp.

Just for reference, my user’s table has no row owner columns.

I can access the full list of users within my app and even edit all their details except for their role and email.

When I open the edit screen and submit it with the changes, the role only changes on my device but does not update within the Glide Table. The only way it actually updates for any user, is if I make this change via my data editor.

Now, in a scenario where i would like another app manager to assign or changes roles for users via they’re app, it would begin to create an issue.

Please help.

That’s correct (and documented) behaviour. Glide does not allow you to change a users role via the interface.

The only way to do it is manually via the Data Editor, or by using an automation (eg. webhook->Make->Glide API)


Hey Darren, thank you for that. Just checked the hyper - link. Seems the way to do it right now is using the set column values api.

Yep, that’s how I do it :+1:


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