Role Row Limit

As far as I know the user limit is affected by the row owner email, is that also applicable on the Role feature not the email ?

Are you referring to the user limits on Private Pro plans?
The number of users you are billed for is determined by the number of active users. The number of rows in your users table is irrelevant. ie. you could have 10,000 rows in your Users table, but if only 20 of them use the app then that’s all you pay for.

Could you clarify what you mean by this question?
As far as I’m aware, there are no limits to the number of roles that you can define.

We are measuring not from a billing overview but from a loading point of view for the data and the size


Okay, now I think I understand. You are asking if the application of roles (in a Private Pro app) will impact the number of rows downloaded to each users device - is that correct?

I’m pretty sure the answer is yes.