Can admin access the all the data if I user row-owners features?

Let’s say I have used row owners so that after sign up each users can see only their own data.

But I also want to create a master sheet for the admin, where he/she can view all the data of all the users. Is that possible?

If it’s not possible then is there any other bypass/workaround other than mirroring that data?

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Yes, you have two options.

  • Option 1: Add another email type column, make it a row owner, and add your Admins email address in every row.
  • Option 2: Use roles as row owners.
    – Add a Role column to your Users table, and set it as the role column in your User Profiles configuration
    – Give your Admin user a role (eg. Admin)
    – In every table where you have row owners, add another Text type column and make it a row owner, then add your Admin users role name in every column

Option 2 is more scalable and easier to manage, especially if you have multiple admin users, or your admin user can change. Just be aware that any user that is given a role will count as a private user.


Thanks a lot @Darren_Murphy Really appreciate your help.

I had another query, is there a way to bypass private user count limitation?

The way to bypass the private user count limit is to allow anyone to sign into your App, and don’t use roles.

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