Retrieving data from the glide big table


We are a NGO, and we are currently using the glideapp to create process from manual to paperless.

And right now, we are a Legacy non-profit account. Is there in my mind that how can I get the data from glide big table or any table that is created on glide and retrieve it?

Right now, the PostgreSQL connection is disabled due to our account. Is there a way to get the data, but not using an export to csv. That one is so much manual, we need a automatic exporting or do I missed a API on this?

Thanks for answering.

You could use the API.

Thanks for the recommendation. Do you have any sample I can use as reference for this one?

Thank you

There is example usage in the docs.
I could possibly give you an example, but I don’t know which tool you will use.

We need the data to be transfer to AWS database (RDS). So, that we can somehow query it and create a dataset from that.

But, it was still possible right, using API and not the on build PostgreSQL (but doesn’t have budget to purchase that function).

Do you have access to the Query API endpoint in legacy non-profit? There’s also a Make module that allows you to query data, but I don’t know if it ties to the pricing plan, and if it’s available for legacy non-profit.