Restaurant with ticket printing

I show you my latest project for restaurants that want to print their order receipt

link:Dropbox - Proyecto01.mp4 - Simplify your life


Bien hecho.

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Thank you very much for your appreciation of the project is still improving seeing more details to improve

Muy buen trabajo!

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Está perfecto!!

Cómo haces el pdf del tiquet???
Y al añadir un producto…cómo haces el banner abajo con el número de productos y botón view cart ?


I’m also curious about the banner!

Also, how did you make a counter/selector appear on the same line as an input field?
CleanShot 2022-04-27 at 16.13.28@2x


Thank you very much, it took a long time to implement both the design and the workflow

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To be able to generate a ticket in pdf there are many options such as using integromat zapier or app script to be able to integrate a pdf

This was a requirement of a client who informed us that he wants that characteristic of the meter and the price, a css code was generated to be able to personalize that type of data

Which type of device do you use to print ticket ? How do you connect it ?


I’m curious about that code. Is that something you’re comfortable sharing?

Me encantaría saber cómo imprimir desde glide

Good evening @Jesus_Or , there are many methods used depending on what you need since the pdf generated in my project is in pdf and entering the pdf can be printed directly

@Tamara_Didenko Those buttons imply a process so that you can capture the prices as relations with the quantity granted, I think I did not explain myself well but it is css with relations and filters