🔥 Free Glide PDF Plugin - HTML2PDF

What’s up Gliders!

I’ve created a free PDF generating plugin for you all.

This plugin allows you to preview and save HTML as a PDF.
It’s very powerful, totally customisable, and completely free :nerd_face:
You can also copy the code yourself and host it for free on Github if you want.

How to use it:

  1. In an experimental code column, paste the following URL: https://loqode.github.io/html2pdf
  2. Then on your layout screen, add a web-embed component and select this column as the source.
  3. Viola!

If you have any questions, let me know!

Happy Gliding :grin:

p.s. You can click here to view the code on Github.


Thank you Marco. You take the lead in front of Glide. :clap:

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Thank you so much Marco! :wink: @Loqode

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@Himaladin @Antonino_Nolasco You’re very welcome!! Enjoy :popcorn:

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On mobile it doesn’t work, when I click Download nothing happens. @Loqode

on ios it works, but redirects to open in adobe.

Yes, now it works. @Himaladin @Loqode

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How you guys dealing with brand image in the header and the page number in the footer?

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Awhhh thank you so muchhhh!

I think if you fork it, you should be able to add the page number function in the code… As for the header, I believe it can be done in the html part… :thinking: correct me if i’m wrong, please

It is assumed that the plugin should display the header and footer correctly, especially for multiple pages.
I was trying to add some script not to the plugin, but just to the footer.
Perhaps this is a good topic for a live Q&A discussion this week.
Tomorrow @ 2am - 3am Moscow time

Maybe many people from this forum will want to join the discussion?

Not only is this a cool tool that you have provided for FREE but the tutorial also is VERY GOOD. Thank you for sharing :smile: and this will come in handy for most users here.


How do you set up the dynamic template? The PDF in your example has bold headers, gaps between each section etc. HTML?
Can this be used to print a list over multiple rows?

The Download button appears on the web embed component but isn’t clickable.
Any ideas?

When accessing the link through a separate button component it opens a blank page in a new tab. If I reload the PDF then appears.

I am using a lookup column to get the experimental code link as it’s needed on a tab with a different table source. This seems to be the problem, when using the web embed source directly from the experimental code column it works fine.

Any ideas for work arounds?
Single Value column doesn’t work either

Ok this doesn’t seem to be the problem. It works regardless of link source column type if it isn’t in a container.
I had the web embed in a container which stopped the download button working.

However the link still doesn’t work when trying to open the link with a button component.

Buttons not working can be caused by HTML containing incorrect code. You can test it with text without involving code first to eliminate errors.

Our other buttons for different links work fine and the button does work in the desktop app but not when used within the glide builder or in a browser.

When trying to access the link on another tab with another table as it’s source with a lookup column for the link it doesn’t work at all.

I can’t see your conditions clearly. It seems you’re using different HTML content for comparison. Perhaps you can test it by converting the value from your lookup column into plain text first.

@Loqode Thank you for sharing this. This is so helpful.

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