🗒 Invoice Creator PDF

Create or edit invoices, customers, and items.
Easily navigate between options.
Change the number or date of the invoice set it as a draft, email it to your customer as PDF, or mark it as paid.
Add items and set quantity, adjust the price.
Set tax to be added ( if left blank, it will show as included).
You can add a discount and description (if left blank, it will not show on PDF).
When you click “Email as PDF” button, the customer will receive a nice email with the pdf file attached.
When deleting items, customers, invoices… a special script will delete these rows from google scripts.
This template has 1 other app starter included:
Address Picker - to easily add addresses for your customers.

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Wow, Uzo! And you can even print it via wifi with the “share” options, if there’s a printer set up for it. I can launch from my living room and get my printout uptairs :slight_smile:
The writing quality should be good enough. Except for the logo, maybe. If it needs to be HD print quality.


Thank you… You can upload your own logo, in higher quality , just click your info logo when editing invoice

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Congrats. Love it How is the PDF file generated?
Google script, Zapier, Integromat?? Thanks


Is all google formulas and scripts


thank you all for trying this template! thanks to Glider’s different time zones and understanding how to use it… I was able to fix and improve a few small bugs… :wink:
now is running smoother than ever!
please send me new feedback on how to improve it or if any bugs…


Superb work! I don’t need it but it’s really impressive.


thank you! I created it for my own use, but I got so many requests to sell it from my customers, that I finally found the time to make it saleable in the form of a template.


Thank You! :slight_smile:

Nice! Great job on this!

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Thank you so much! I did little improvements. Let me know if there is something more to add. :wink:

Great work @Uzo :clap:

I was wondering about your template store, if you dont mind wanted to ask a few questions as I wanted to do the same thing a while back as I can’t submit to glide’s store as we don’t have stripe in Israel and had some difficulties around it and wondered how you solved it and automated it maybe. Would love to take it offline if you have some time later this week

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I am using stripe to process the payments. Everytime payment is submitted trigger is firing a script to send an email to a customer, with a copy of the template and instructions how to install it.

How do you prevent a customer from giving the copy link to others?
What about the scripts in the template? When I let customers copying an app the scripts in Google sheets not being copied and triggers as well so need to set it up etc.

There is no way to prevent that, unless glide will add a feature for copyrights, scripts and instructions comes separately

And customers manage this?
In most cases I find this hard for them to set by themselves :rofl:

Yes, no issues so fare, i made very good tutorials with pictures, for each template

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Yes, you can adjust any element or function. Once you purchase the template, you will have access to all sheets and codes and we will give you support on how to safely make changes.

Also until the end of this year, we have a promotion for combine App Starters… simply select app starters to combine… enter the promo code: structureart10 , to get a 10% discount.


I see a lot of people trying this app, but many can’t figure out how to email pdf copies…

  1. in the public account (no sign-in) after adding a customer, edit the email address to your own, so the script will know where to send it. (delete that invoice after sending it, so it will not stay in public data!)
  2. option two… sign in, click your info on the invoice screen, and edit your email address to the real one (this option will make your data hidden from others).

You should receive an email with a pdf attachment, (check the spam folder if not, or try again and check if the email is correct)


is then accepted to have Scripts and formula on the Market?
I was thinking was not possible to have those.

…errata correge… this is your own template market! :sweat_smile:

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