Resource sharing - Google Sheets Tips: Spice Up Your Sheet Life


Today I would like to share a very helpful document on Google Sheets Tips from Ben Collins’ website. From the posts in this community, I see many of you might find tips in this document helpful in your way to build your dream app, so I hope it would help.

Here’s the link.

A bit of a background story: I was a business intelligence analyst in an E-commerce startup last year. When I started my internship, my manager asked me to complete Ben’s courses and that sure helped me a lot in what I’m doing now for my apps and also to help you guys in this community.

You may find these links helpful as well as studying resources.

Ben Collins’ Advanced Formulas 30 Day Challenge

Apps Script Blastoff

SheetsCon2020 - the world’s first, dedicated online conference for Google Sheets users, on replay

It’s my honor to help you, just tag me or message me if you need help. Have a nice day!

P.S: I will try to write some posts about useful scripts I find helpful during instances when I assisted people here, as a point of reference for future use. Stay tuned.


Thank you. Very helpful.

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I have this doc open almost every day! Ben is amazing at teaching GSheets!


Got many useful tricks from his newsletters as well!

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Absolutely. I’ll check out your scripts links.
Those things are a touch nut to crack! :sweat_smile:

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