Looking for someone to work with me for a couple of hours

I have an app that I started years ago, the framework is 98% done, but with the updates and changes, I need assistance straightening out my sheets, knowing which formulas no longer work, and what to replace them with, etc. I don’t need a full-on app rebuild, just someone to help me update my existing ones with best practices, clean my sheets, and get it out of the door. I don’t think it’s a full project for a firm, but would love to work with someone that has some extra time to knock it out in a day and guide me on maintaining it. Currently I’m guessing it’s about 5 hours of work.

Hola Angelia,

Would you need a helping hand for your:

  • Google Sheet?
  • Glide tables?
  • Glide components?
  • all this? :wink:


Google sheet mostly. I have created a maze. Now some of them work, others do not. I know if I just duplicate what I have done in areas that work, that it will probably be fine, but I’m looking to just have a clean framework without all of the workarounds I created before glide was as advanced (ie. for relationships I was achieving this with formulas). I am comfortable with the components etc. I believe. Not looking to make it much deeper than it currently is, as I’d like to get people using it and decide what I want to prioritize next.
Hope that makes sense,

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