Resolved: Row limit issue affecting Free plans

We’re aware of an issue affecting Free plans, where users are blocked from using their app as if they’ve reached their row limit.

The team is investigating and working on a fix.

We’ll update this thread with details as they become available. We expect this to be fixed by Tuesday.


What happens if the Updates limit for the free plan is reached? Will the application be unusable too? Thanks
Screenshot 2024-01-27 125316

Did you create your account before or after the price update?

I made the application before the price update

Then that means you are on the old free plan, which still incures updates. If you want to use the new plan, then you’ll need to create a new Team folder.


It’s working, thanks for the advice
Screenshot 2024-01-27 133917


Any updates?

Looks like we’ve identified a potential source of the issue. I’ll update the announcement post when there’s more to share.

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Hi @NoCodeAndy ! Has this been resolved?

Looks like we’ve found a potential fix. Issue should be resolved tomorrow (Monday) when the full team is back online.

Thanks for the patience. :pray:

Has this been resolved for you?

Not for me, at least! I was about to ask @NoCodeAndy , but I noticed the post said the fix was supposed to be done by tomorrow (Tuesday)

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Yep, we’re expecting the fix to be in place later today. :slight_smile:

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Thank you sir! please keep us posted!

Update: The issue should now be resolved. Thank you for the patience! :pray: