Row limit on Free plan - Is it correct?

I’m using the new Free Plan and I’m having a hard time trying to understand how many rows I have in total.
Shouldn’t it be 25.000? Why the row counter shows 273 and appears to have reached the maximum? I haven’t got the “you’ve reached the limit” message though. Just trying to figure it out.

Suggestion: It would be nice to see something like “10/25000”, just like in Users or Updates.

273 is the number of rows that particular app is currently using. If you haven’t received a message, then you haven’t reached the limit.

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Yes but I wanted to make sure I have the 25,000 so I don’t have surprises in the future, you know

If the pricing page said 25k when you signed up, then you have 25k.

The legacy free plan had a 500 row limit. The new free plan has a 25k row limit. If you are on a legacy plan, you will find out very quickly when you exceed 500 rows. If you are on a new plan, then you are fine.

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Okay, thank you.
But this Row box could definitely be improved.

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