Reset Calendar Function

Hi Glide Community,

I am building an iOS app that will allow users to send times they are available to other people in their life. I have been able to create the calendar, customize the action to send to another user, but I am stumped on how to reset the calendar for the user selecting times. The user sending should see a blank calendar after they have sent times they are available, whereas the person viewing the times that were sent should see the time blocks that were originally sent (i.e. not blank).

How might I reset the senders screen, but ensure the receiver sees the times added in that unique session?


On the calendar being used to create the availability, you’ll need to clear the values at the end of the create action. The create action, should write a new row of data to some other sheet, which is what is viewed by the other party.

Broken down more:

  • You can use a sheet with a single row for your “composition” data, and have those columns be user-specific. When the user selects dates/times, it’s written there.
  • When they send/submit this data, you need to write this composition data to columns in a add row action. At the end of this action, do a set columns action on your composition data, to clear each column.

Hope that helps!