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Hello everyone,

despite all the posts on the botom reset I can’t find the right solution and above all make it work, could you help me?

I’m on a google sheets database and I would like to be able to reset 3 columns on different pages with a button.
I did this which works fine but only on one table and only on row 1


the result is that on line 1 it works but not on 2

thanks in advance

ps: I am French and I use a translator… Be indulgent. THANKS

This is because the default behavior for a top level screen is to connect you to the first row in that table. Try navigating to a details screen first by changing your action to show details screen → this item. Then on that details screen add your button to set column values.

To update a separate sheet you’ll need a SINGLE relation from copie de gestion to your other sheet. Then add a second set column value to your sequence and choose the SINGLE relation we just created for the ‘ROW’.

Now you should be able to set values in another sheet.

Repeat the prior steps to update the third sheet.

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Hello Eric_Penn, and thank you for your answer.

I saw a discussion that he used this function but I couldn’t really figure out how to set it up… it seems clearer to me now

I’ll let you know.


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Good morning,

I finally succeeded, but it remains complex…

I had not yet understood how one could make a table out of google sheets. it was your example Eric_Penn who put me on the voice, then I proceeded as follows:


And it works very well.


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