Request: Can Calendar Dates Be Automatically Erased After 24 Hours?

As far as I can tell, items added to the calendar are not deleted after 24 hours, which means we manually have to delete the row once the item/event is complete.

I tried finding a script that I could use to automatically delete the row after 24 hours, but didn’t seem to find one.

Have any of you discovered a way to achieve this functionality with your calendar in Glide?

Thanks for your help.

You can create a new column that tests if the calendar event is past. In Glide, you can then filter out those events based on this column.

UPDATE! Just figured it out. No need to do anything else in Sheets. Go to the filter option in Glide, and see screenshot below. So while it’s not deleting the row in Sheets, it does do what I’m needing, which is to remove the calendar entry from the user’s view.


Great. Didn’t realize filtering by dates was already available.

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This is exactly what I was going to recommend. If you start running into space/ quota “limitations, there’s a really easy script you can write to delete rows every x hours/days/weeks etc

Thanks, @Robert_Petitto. Would love to see the script when you have a chance.