Erasing a row when date is due

Hi community!
I am struggeling with the following:
We are currently running a webapp with events linked to a certain date (e.g. 10th of november = 11/10). When the next day comes, we manually have to remove this date to make sure this particular event isnt shown in the app.
Is there way that this particular cell (= date) is removed automatically when it’s for example 11th of November, to make sure this event isnt shown in the app anymore?

You can’t delete a row automatically using just Glide, but it’s easy enough to create a date based filter to hide older entries from view.

To auto-delete old rows, you need to use something external to Glide such as Apps Script or Integromat/Zapier.

ok, thanks! And do you know if such an external program can autodelete rows connected to the real date? for example when its the next day, it automatically deletes the row prior the current date?

Yes, that’s possible.
If you did it with Apps Script, then you’d just use a time-based trigger, or with Integromat then it’d be a scheduled scenario.

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I dont understand clearly if you are in need to remove the evidence from glide or from another web application.
in case it is just glide then you dont need to delete anything.
what you can do is act with a filter, you just set the filter to do not show the past date.
in case you need to remove a value (the cell date), an option is that you do not refer directly to the cell date but to a field IFTHENELSE that in case of past date do not show it anymore, or otherwise creating a script on Googlescript (if you are using Googlesheet) to remove the date.

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thanks I got it, simply the filter “do not show past date” was perfect. thanks again!

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