Report for the User / admin

At the outset must compliment it is an amazing App builder.

I wish there was a report for the admin or a user which could give a pdf of values (of a particular column) is in negative.

This would be a very helpful tool for inventory management.

Creating a PDF would be something that could be done in a Google script on the spreadsheet. You would have to write some code and possibly employ a library but it could be done. It is not something that you could do within Glide currently.

Many thanks Mr. George for your suggestion. But I do not know how to write a code in google sheet or employ a library. I am a novice.

Is it possible to get an extract or summary of all the values where the value is Less than 0.

Thanks in advance.

You could easily create a new tab in your app. Just create a new tab pointing to the sheet that has the data you want to show with the values of less than zero and apply a filter, in the Features tab. I created a sample app that shows you this. Make a copy of it and play with it. The second tab only shows the items that have a qty that is below zero.

Thank You Mr. George for your kind patience in helping me. I have 17 sheets in total & if one TAB could have a consolidated report of Values below 0 it would be of great help. I don’t if it is possible that way. Thanks a million.

Actually that is rather easy to do in Google Sheets using the QUERY function: Take a look at Sheet4 cell A2 in the sheet: