Replicate iPhone - can be accomplished with Glide?

Hi everyone! I’m a card game inventor and starting to tinker on a new project that would require emulating a “dummy iPhone experience.”

In other words – I’d like to create an app that - when opened - looks like the home screen of an iPhone, containing a bunch of apps that also can be opened with limited functionality.

Eg. I’d open [app] → see 5-6 apps on the screen → can click the [instagram dummy app] → opens to a limited function IG emulator → then could click out and open a different app etc

Is this possible using Glide?

Really appreciate any feedback here!


Depends on how you define “limited functionality”, we can configure those screens independently, and show them on the home screen with an inline list.

Thanks for the quick reply @ThinhDinh. For our proj, I’d define limited as the most basic, “pre-filled” version of each app:

ex: the IG app would simply be a pre-loaded “feed” (list) of pics/captions - no ability to create account, comment, like etc

Or an uber eats replica would show a pre-filled list of “restaurants nearby” and a pre-filled list of “previous orders” - no order function

The overall goal is to make our customer feel like they’re opening an iPhone that emulates ~real life.

Yeah, that sounds doable, as long as you can construct the right database structure in different sheets.

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Hell ya! Are you open to chatting offline?

If you have any questions feel free to post them here, me and the others will jump in to help :blush:

I’m from a faraway timezone from most people here so I’d rather keep the conversation on here so more people can help you, I can only go here at certain times of the day :sweat_smile:

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Totally get it! Was more so wondering if you do any freelance? Would love to explore working with you!

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