Replace this "Buy" button with "Validate cart"

I’m new in glide.
I want to replace this “Buy” button with “Validate cart” Button and retrieve the information from my cart in my Airtable database.
But I can’t add buttons in this screen (Panier).
Maybe you can help me ?
Have a great day

You can’t add any further buttons on this screen.

What the buy button in this screen will do is to write transaction rows to your Google Sheets’ “App: Sales” sheet, if you have connected a Google Sheet to the app/page.

I think you can do it that way, then automate writing any new rows in that Sheet to your Airtable database.

It is an application for ordering meals, I do not want to make payment, just allow to put the item in a cart and then validate the order which will retrieve a new order in my database.