Remove visibility conditions

Hi -
I am sure I am missing something obvious, but I can’t figure this one out.

I have a button that is conditionally visible and want to remove a condition that I put on it. I see how you add conditions and edit them (there’s a big + sign). I see a trash can next to the button so I can completely remove a button. But how do you remove a condition if you later decide you don’t want it?


Go to visibility conditions. Tap your conditions Hit the “-” sign and it’ll disappear

In layout view when you click on a component, select Features in the top right of the editor. From there you can add and remove visibility settings.

Note: In the bottom left of the editor there are two pointer designs. Use the large pointer to select a component and it will bring up the layout in one click.

Ahh, thank you - I was first hitting “add condition” and when those minus signs appeared, it just collapsed the list. It wasn’t obvious to me that the minus sign had a different meaning if you clicked on the condition first.

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