Remove "don't have an account yet sign up" on Sign in Page

How can I remove remove the “don’t have an account yet sign up” line?

Is this what you mean?

Thanks for responding.

Updating those fields do not seem to prevent the “don’t have an account yet sign up” line.

Can you provide a screenshot? I don’t find that sentence in my application.

I apologize, it seems there is a difference between my application and yours. Maybe someone in the community can help.

Thanks so much for your time

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Do you have optional sign in enabled?

Ah yes! Is that the issue? But I will still need optional sign in so the public can browse some content

Why is it still different for me? I tried it on the free plan and that sentence also doesn’t appear.

These are the options I have selected
Optional Sign in
Anyone can create a profile

I think you need CSS to remove it.

Is this a new feature?

I have used your suggested settings, but I suspected I would need access to css, but that is beyond my pay grade!! How can I get help on that?

Are you on the free plan or the paid plan?

Free at the moment on this site but I do have a paid plan on another with the same issue

If the plan is paid, you should be able to use custom CSS, except for some legacy plans. I can provide you with CSS code, but I’m working blindly. Hopefully, it can be used.

#wire-custom-login p:nth-child(2) {
display: none;
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