Remote lookup from external data source?

Is it possible to have the user make an entry into a Glide App. Use the entry to do a remote look up and share the results with the user. e.g.

Zip Code: (user enters zip code)
{I run a small script - perhaps in a Google Sheet cell - to retrieve information related to that zip code. This would be from an external web site. e.g. what is the phone number for the local firestation for that Zip Code}

And then I show the results to the user for the Firestation within the Glide App.


Yes. There could be up to a 3 min delay however.

Please tell me more on how this might be done. Thanks.


I admit that I didn’t read your post closely enough and thought you were wanting geocoding data. In any event there are a few options that I would try. Using IMPORTHTML() function and passing in a few search urls as well as IMPORTXML(). Also if you can find a site that returns JSON with the info you are looking for you could try this library. I have used this successfully to get geocode data from here:
You need to sign up for a free account and unless you get a lot of data points its free. Good luck!