Relative date discrepancy

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Describe the bug:
The relative date shows correctly in the app builder preview, but on iPhone in chrome browser and safari browser it shows incorrectly

Expected Behaviour:
The relative date (how many days ago) should be the same both in the app builder preview and on a mobile device

How to replicate:
Open on your mobile device and login as Rollo Wenlock (email me for login credentials

See attached image

It might be a problem in handling the date format for the column. I would advise using a centralized UTC date column and writing it to your data on the creation of new rows instead of the native “current date/time”.

Also, use that value in the relative date column for the “now” value. I have used it in various apps and it hasn’t failed.

Have you tried this on other phones? Does it always happen?

It always happens on iphone, i’m afraid I can’t test it on other phones at the moment

Although I appreciate a work around, wouldn’t it be preferable that it works as intended?

Yes, I do not disagree with that.

May we see a screenshot of your relative date column configuration and some examples of the data flowing into it? It sounds like there’s a mixup between Imperial and Metric month-day ordering somewhere.

@david this happens with most of the Date related plugins. I’ve stopped using them. They either give inconsistent results or no result at all. As far as I’m aware, they work fine as long as you’re using US locale/date format, but as soon as you aren’t then all bets are off.

I first reported this back in early November.


I can confirm similar results — Canada-based. Relative Date columns are blank. If my device/browser is US English, works fine.

Yes, it either fails or gives an incorrect result, depending on whether the date is ambiguous.

For example, 7th December is an ambiguous date. It could be 7/12 or 12/7, depending on where you are. And both could be interpreted as 7th December or 12th July. For these dates, it will “work”, but give an incorrect result if you are using non-US date format.

19th December on the other hand is non-ambiguous. Even though it can be represented as 19/12 or 12/19, it can only be interpreted one way. The date plugins fail for these dates because they appear to assume mm/dd format, and as there is no 19th month…

I’m in New Zealand (day/month/year) so when it comes from the 1730s in the US (month/day/year) it’s getting in a tangle.

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