Relationship w/ affiliates - advise please

Hello :slight_smile: - I must have been starring at Relationships for too long and as it simple as it might be, I’m hitting the wall: for reference you can view the app here:

In this scenario, I have a number of business members who have affiliate businesses – their primary business (parent) and additional one(s) are considered affiliates (=children)
I’ve composed sheet in two variations:
Sheet Var 1:

Parent Affiliate (children)
Business A Affiliate Business A1
Business B Affiliate Business B1
Business B Affiliate Business B2
Business C Affiliate Business C1
Business C Affiliate Business C2


Sheet Var 2:

Parent Affiliate 1 Affiliate 2
Business A Affiliate Business A1
Business B Affiliate Business B1 Affiliate Business B2
Business C Affiliate Business C1 Affiliate Business C2


Then of course I have a sheet “Businesses” with all their information (address, phone, category, etc.)
For some reason, I was perfectly fine when creating a categories relations (followed the instructions from docs/video – very useful as things can get muddy once you stare at it for many hours :D)

But with the affiliate relations - nada… I’m hitting the wall and spinning when attempting to create relationship columns and then add the inline list so that when you view a Parent Business, you can see the affiliate businesses (and ideally, when you view the affiliate =children, you can view the associated businesses incl. the parent)

Would you please help me to see the light here :slight_smile: – thanks so much!!

On your businesses sheet:
Relate to items where value in: “Business name”
Value in “Sheet Var 1” --> Parent

For reverse relation:
Relate to items where value in “Parent”
Value in “Businesses” --> Business name

I think this should work, you wouldn’t need “sheet Var 2”


Thank you!
Perhaps my confusion has to do with still digesting the ins/outs of glideapps:
lets start with what I want to accomplish: since all businesses (parents and affiliates) have record (with unique ID) in “Businesses” sheet, creating an “Affiliate” sheet (= agreeing to Var 1), in my mind, connects the values (i.e. image, business address, etc.) with the record in affiliate – therefore my goal in the inline component under Parent Business would be to see list of affiliate businesses (if applicable) AND also see their image… but I do not see option to pull the affiliate business image as there is no such column within the “Affiliate” sheet (and yes - what column and what type of ‘connection’ needs to be created here) – now, moving further --> after I tap on the affiliate business, their detail list is limited only to the two column in that sheet… my idea here would be to “flow smoothly” – that is, if I tap on an affiliate business (which has all information in the Business sheet) - I would want to see exactly the same “view” of that business as I see under “Businesses” tab – and yes, I understand that I might be certainly missing a point here (which intuitively tells me that the tabs may behave differently and not ‘absorb’ design/layout from another tabs…

Hope my stream of thoughts still makes sense :slight_smile: – thanks for chiming in and helping out!!

What you need is a lookup column. Lookup columns work on top of relation columns and capture data for you based on the relation.

And for the affiliate details page, you need to create a back relation between the affiliate page and the business page and then lookup values from the business page to display those.