Relation/formula that brings back rows that does *not* match a value - is it possible?


I have a list of lectures, each containing an array of topics.

I also allow the user to mark topics in which he is not interested - aka unwanted topics.

I want to filter the list of the lectures so that any user won’t see lectures that contain any unwanted topic.

Doing the opposite (showing lectures that contain interesting topics) is easy - using relations. But how do I pick rows that don’t contain something?


Ok, I think I did it. For whomever is interested:
I created a column of “lectures not to show” using relation with multiple match
Then I created a column of “users that shouldn’t see this lecture” in the lectures list
Then I created a lookup column with the names of the users above
Then, in the inline-list of the lectures, I filtered for “User” isn’t signed-in user…

If you know of a more elegant solution - happy to hear!

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