"Is / Isn't Included In" Filter?!

@Mark Is this what I think it is???

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 10.24.31 PM

An answer to:
I’m stumped. How to filter a multiple relation (inline list) by another multiple relation
?! :pray:



Hm…if so…not yet…

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is/isn’t included in works on text.

Oh…gotcha. So how does it differ than “includes/doesn’t include”?

  • “Robert Petitto” includes “Robert”
  • “Robert” is included in “Robert Petitto”

Duh…of course. Nice.

So basically the same as contains /does not contain?

Holy cow! I figured it out…not exactly an inverse relation but it got the job done!


Way to go! Well done for figuring it out, oh and for creating a demo, as always thanks Robert


Nice catch! I’ll have to remember that one.

I don’t think that would help me in my case where I need a relation to find any rows in the related sheet with a date prior to the current date in the row establishing the relation. In my case it’s not an inversion, because I want to exclude any current and future dates from the relation so I can perform a rollup sum on only those rows with a date prior to the current date.

However, as an inversion, this is definitely something that would work. Again, nice work!


Thanks @Robert_Petitto. You just solved my using AND with In-App filter problem.


Right. This is merely a filter—not a true inverse relation. I see what you mean.

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